Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Life: An Utter Blessing

As you may have heard, my sister Piper gave birth to a little baby girl at 21:37, January 5th, 2010. Baby Zoey weighs 7 lbs 6 oz. She is unexpectedly heavy, considering Piper's belly was really not that big.

She is a Capricorn, you bet. Both born under the sign of Saturn and in the year of ox, I have a hunch that Zoey and her auntie are going to get along perfectly!

I got the news of Zoey's birth from my dad on a drowsy rainy afternoon. Tears brimming in my eyes, I became very very emotional over the phone. I felt grateful, on the one hand, to know that both Piper and Zoey were healthy and safe. I felt awe-struck, on the other hand, to look at a life so pure, so innocent, so tiny, so breakable, yet so full of surprising strength and unknown possibilities.

I felt strongly protective and motherly, too. For I know that the world of ours is neither wonderful nor perfect, and it would break my heart to see Baby Zoey fumble and stumble as she embarks on her life's long journey. But I also know for certain that I would do anything, anything I could to make it a better place for her and every other kid to grow up in.

How is it possible to love someone so suddenly and so deeply? How is it possible to think of someone all the time, someone you have never met yet?

Oh, my heart is filled with so much joy, love, and inspiration!

This afternoon, sitting by a misty window in a cafe, I decided to write a children's book for her. Caramel macchiato did help one think of sweet thoughts and create dancing pictures. So I casually put down sentences and shapes as I fabricated the story and the characters in my head. Now I have the basic structures for two books in mind.

Imagine: two books! I never thought for one day I would be able to write a book, let alone two books! I am utterly excited about this idea. Let's pray I have time, competence, and perseverance enough to carry it out one day.

Here's some pictures of Zoey taken by a professional photographer on the second day she was born. And, of course, her loving mom and dad are in there, too. My heart melts everytime I look at the three of them together.

It is indeed the picture of happiness. And it's only the beginning. :)